Flaggers on CCQ Sites - Part time

Montreal, Qc. Canada
negotiable Expires in 5 days

Job Info

Signaleur de chantier CCQ (carte ASP, CCQ)

Currently looking for 100 more CCQ Flaggers at our sites in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore

  • Pre-requisites ASP construction card
  • Formation CCQ.
  • Experience in worksite un atout.
  • AQTR card validates an asset
  • Be prepared to work in all temperatures.
  • Honest, honest, resourceful, mature, responsible, likes to work in a team.

The flagger on worksites must;

1. Receive on-the-job training* that includes:
• Risks related to the movement of people and motor vehicles;
Traffic and safety rules on the site;
• Work equipment specific to his function
• Its role and responsibilities;
• The position of the signalman and the blind spots of vehicles;
• Means of communication and hand signals related to reversing maneuvers.

2. For Quebec: He must also take the General Health and Safety training on construction sites (30 hours) from ASP Construction.
3. In some cases, competency cards from the Commission de la construction du Québec may be required.
4. In addition to having taken the required training, when carrying out his duties, the site signaller must wear class 2 or 3 yellow-green high-visibility clothing (conforming to the CSA Z96 standard). He must also use the means of communication provided for in the traffic plan and ensure that he is visible at all times to the operator of the equipment he is managing.

2.8.3 Training of the site signaller: The site signaller directs the drivers of self-propelled vehicles, among other things, during reversing manoeuvres. He must undergo training, given by an instructor, which covers in particular the following elements:
1° the risks related to the movement of people and motor vehicles on the site;
(2) the traffic rules and safety instructions on the site, in particular those provided for in the traffic plan, the marking of traffic areas and the directives necessary for the performance of his task;

(3) work equipment specific to his position, such as high-visibility safety clothing and two-way telecommunications;
(4) its role and responsibilities;
(5) the positioning of a site signaller and the blind spots of motor vehicles;
(6) the means of communication and the code of hand signals related to backing-up manoeuvres.

2.8.4 Site flagger: When carrying out his duties, the site signaller must meet the following conditions:

(1) wear class 2 or 3 and level 2 fluorescent yellow-green high-visibility safety clothing that complies with the CSA Z96 High-Visibility Safety Clothing standard;
(2) use one of the means of communication provided for in the traffic plan and which were taught to him during his training;
(3) remain visible to the driver of the self-propelled vehicle he is steering and stay out of the path of that vehicle.

P.Q., Canada, Montreal





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