Specialized Laborers on CCQ Sites - Part Time

Montreal, Qc. Canada
negotiable Expires in 5 days

Job Info

Specialized laborers on CCQ site (CCQ card, ASP) – Part-time

We are currently looking for several specialized Laborers on CCQ construction sites at our sites in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore

  • Pre-requisites CCQ card
  • Pre-requisites ASP c cardconstruction
  • Experience in worksite an advantage
  • AQTR card validates an asset
  • Be ready to work indoors and outdoors. Physically demanding
  • Honest, honest, resourceful, mature, responsible, likes to work in a team.

THE maneuver trades performs work that is not the responsibility of skilled trades workers.

Laborers, what does it eat in winter? These workers are essential on construction sites. The laborer is probably the most versatile person in construction. He may be assigned to the loading, unloading and handling of cement and to all work related to the pouring of concrete. He can operate portable kettles and drills, mechanical saws, pumps whose diameter is less than six inches, any heating unit for which a certificate is not necessary. He can install galvanized or concrete pipes, lay aqueduct and sewer pipes and their junctions on the roads, take care of fixed or mobile heating units. And more. We just can't do without it! Must have taken a 30-hour safety course (For Quebec - ASP-construction);

Laborer CCQ

• Have taken a 30-hour safety course (For Quebec: ASP-construction);
Have a job guarantee of 150 hours from an employer;
• For Quebec: Pay the amount of 100 $ to obtain your work permit from the CCQ.

• For Quebec: Once these three conditions are met:
o Report to CSN-Construction, which will follow up with the CCQ.
o After receiving the temporary card from the CCQ, you will have three months to complete

• Once these 150 hours are completed:
o Receipt of the official occupancy card.
o Thereafter, you will have to follow a 60-hour training course.

Specialized labourer, any person who;

  • Is assigned to the loading, unloading and handling of bulk cement and all work related to the pouring of concrete, including unattached metal mesh for flooring, in panels or rolls, but excluding work relating to the finishing of the concrete, laying and assembly of metal rods (reinforcing steel);
  • Operates a portable kettle to melt bitumen to be used as mordant, insulation or waterproofing;
  • Operates pneumatic, mechanical or electric hammer drills as well as a bush hammer used to bush hammer concrete, except when required by the trades for the installation of parts and equipment;
  • Squeegee of bituminous materials for the construction and repair of paving, smoother (smoother) and small roller of less than one ton;
  • Is responsible for the operation of a fixed or mobile heating unit (element) for drying aggregates and heating asphalt;
  • Operates a scale (platform scale) for weighing truck loads;
  • Operates a device used to cut asphalt or concrete (diamond cutter)
  • Installs galvanized or concrete pipes used for road drainage;
  • Laying water and sewer pipes and their branches on roads and public roads;
P.Q., Canada, Montreal





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